Our Advent Calendar for 2023

For each of the last twelve years, you could find us in Schillerstraße selling Advent Calendars and gathering donations for our projects. No matter whether it was sunny, raining, or stormy members, family and friends had fun talking together and selling calendars to passersby.

Our advent calendar is a perfect advent season gift. Every window represents a “HOPE”: Prizes in the value of around 20.000 Euro are hidden behind the 24 windows. Throughout the Advent season, you look forward everyday and remember the good deed to which you contributed.

Everyone who sponsors or buys our calendar is a winner, as at end of the day, it is you, who has made a difference to the less fortunate, helping with your calendar donation.

Happy Grandma with the calendar 2018, showing „Cappadocia“ by the National Geographic photo journalist Ami Vitale

Do you know Rotary? is our first question on street. We invite people to get familiar with our network. We are an international community of committed people from all cultures, religions and vocations, trying to serve humans, mostly needy persons, in hope to improve standard of living and global understanding.

Why have we created the advent calendar in a common Club effort since 2012! It is our way of generating 30.000 Euro for our core charity projects. Production and printing costs are covered by sponsors. Every year a renowned artist is donating an extraordinary motif. In 2023, Matthias Ziegler provided us with a photos from his collection Untitled 2023 (Cumulonimbus in South France; Aride Area in Turkana County).

Our big thank goes to Matthias Ziegler, as well as to all the other wonderful artists: Jana Erb, Götz Diergarten, Ami Vitale, Morag Hall, Laura J Padget, Michael Ehrhart, Christine Feser, Günter Pfannmüller and Olaf Otto Becker who were generously supporting us over the years.

One of our … Our core project is the Frankfurt-based organisation PROCEDI. Founded in 1998, it supports a social school project in Guatemala City. It works through a school for children coming from the most arduous backgrounds, operating under the directive of “poverty is not a law of nature”. Ranging from year 1 to 9, children are provided with room for personal growth, healthy development and perspectives for the future. This way, PROCEDI has paved the way out of poverty to stable conditions for various people. For more information, refer to www.procedi.de .

We are also supporting local projects like “Mädchenbüro Milena” and “Über den Tellerrand”, always focusing on education and integration.